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All the cases I have completed so far and will be put in my new Etsy shop after I complete a few more. The only ones I will not be selling are the two Disney designs since they are not my original designs. I just did those for my phone and my sister’s. But the rest will be in my shop later this month hopefully. I also will take personal requests! I still have about 6 cases left to paint until I start my shop and order more. 

My best friend is so talented! Check out her Etsy shop for a custom, hand painted, phone case! 

Walking on the beach and seeing taped off sea turtle nests was thought provoking to me. I love turtles and think it is wonderful that we do what we can help the nests. We put up blockers, turn our lights off during nesting season, and make it illegal to disturb them. Then I thought about babies. I thought about my little cousin and how doctors told his mom he wasn’t going to live happily and he should be aborted. I thought about how we go to such lengths to protect sea turtles, even though we don’t know if they will be happy in the ocean, but it was ok for doctors to tell my aunt to abort my cousin because he has a chance of not being “normal”. Well despite five doctors tell her to abort, my cousin is happy and healthy and proud to be the tallest in his class, even though no one but his mom protected him. 

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